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  The Most Challenging Fun You’ll Ever Have… 


Why come to an ABF Mud Run?  Our goal, besides being a charity event, is to push you out of your “comfort” zone.  We want to show you what YOU are truly capable of when you give it your all!  Besides being South Jersey’s premier Mud Run, we now have our 4 MILE PERMANENT, YEAR ROUND OBSTACLE COURSE.  Imagine running thru the wooded trails, crawling thru the swamps and wading thru the creeks with over 25 unique, military style obstacles mixed in to end your race in an outdoor arena with seating for up to 3,500!  We have over 60 volunteers and staff throughout the course to lend a hand, knee, shoulder, encouragement or whatever you need – especially since some obstacles will require a group effort.  However you decide to run – solo or in any size group – we are there to help YOU.  Need an extra shoulder to carry the 16’ telephone pole..or a knee to step on to lift yourself over an 8’ military wall..or even just a hand to help you out of a mud pit – we will be there!  If you haven’t run at one of our events yet, now is the time to check us out!

Make it a family day!  Due to popular request, kids are now running with parents during our events.  What a great way to connect and get moving!  Kids ages 13 and older can run the full course during any heat, while kids 12 and under will have a special “Junior Mudders” heat at 12:30 to run with their parent. The Junior Mudder heat will have the option of a 1 mile course or the full 4 mile course with some modified obstacles.  Sign up today and take advantage of our special pricing.




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